About the Centraal Diploma Register

In the CDR (Centraal Diploma Register) you can check the validity of personal diplomas regarding VCA, SOG-petrochemie, SVWOH and NOGEPA. The register gives insight on expiration dates of the diploma as well, so you know when a renewal is needed.
To search in the CDR you need the diploma number or at least 3 following characters of the last name of the diploma holder in combination with the date of birth of that person.

In the CDR you can find:

  • VCA-diploma's (B-VCA, VOL-VCA and VIL-VCA)
  • SOG-petrochemie diplomas from the course- and trainings guide from SSVV
  • SVWOH-diplomas from the scaffolding courses
  • NOGEPA-diplomas and certificates from the NOGEPA courses

There is a connection with the Belgium CDR, for combined search results. Other foreign diplomas and equivalents of the VCA- and SOG-petrochemie-diplomas are not registered in the CDR. You can find more information about VCA equivalents in this document and for SOG-petrochemie in this document.

Get in contact via the contact form in case you want to change your information in the CDR

Data from the CDR will be used by our partners, but only when approved by SSVV and in line with the policies of SSVV.

Quick access to a specific registration is possible via a QR code. To request access you can click on the symbol next to the search results. We will send the QR code by e-mail. Your e-mailadress will be discarded afterwards.